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What is LibertyWalk?

LibertyWalk is an automotive lifestyle centered around custom exotic and tuner car modification culture. Originating in Japan by its founder Kato Wataru, it has influenced the world with its definitive style expressed by the iconic widebody and stanced vehicles in its arsenal.

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LibertyWalk has a wide array of different vehicles it has selected to adorn with its signature bodykits. Check out the different options and styles to see what fits your style.

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Images from all over the world expressing the different attitudes and styles of each owner. Which ones move you?

Division 012 Background and History

This special division of LibertyWalk is committed to making exceptional examples of LibertyWalk vehicles. We also double as Official and Exclusive Distributors for LibertyWalk Products in North America. 

@DocZilla12 is a private owner of 3 personal LibertyWalk exotics and has been building SEMA level show car builds since 2014. He was handpicked by LibertyWalk Japan to showcase his builds every year on the SEMA stage since 2014 and has now been asked to partner up with LiberyWalk and act as a consultant to those wishing to instill the best quality possible in their own dream projects.

Apparel and Mercahndise

Represent your favorite gear with a selection of LibertyWalk, F7LTHY, and Typical Sinner$ Mercahndise. Available exclusively through Division 012 and our retail partners.

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